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manufacturing insurance

Legal Concerns for Manufacturers

As an owner or operating of a manufacturing company, you are no stranger to the unique risks and exposures your employees and clients when associated with your facility or products. The manufacturing industry is home to a number of businesses taking raw materials, parts or other components to deliver a […]

independent insurance agents of CT

How To Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance can be a complicated landscape with all the available offerings and companies. You may not even know all the types of insurance you or your company needs to cover your liabilities. As small business owners themselves, independent insurance agents of CT offer a variety of options from different companies. […]

Cyber risk insurance in Indiana

Cyber Liability Insurance for SME’s

Securing affordable, comprehensive insurance plans is crucial to protecting a business’s assets, property and employees. Cyber liability is among the emerging trends that can jeopardize businesses regardless of size, industry or niche. Cyber risk insurance in Indiana is designed to address network security risks and the threat of data breaches. […]

marina liability insurance

Total Protection for Your Marina Business

As a marina operator you are charged with providing a safe berth for the vessels that moor at your location. With that responsibility comes a heightened exposure to liability in the event of an accident or incident that damages a customer’s boat. Batten the Hatches Legally, your business is liable […]

Axis professional liability

Top 3 Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance

Being a small business owner is a lot of work. After building a start-up from the ground, you don’t want to watch your efforts go down the drain. Axis professional liability coverage generally offers a fast, affordable way for you to protect your time, effort, and money investment. Here are […]

workers compensation insurance in Texas 

Insurance Companies: Your Partners in Safety

It is well known that workers compensation insurance in Texas pays out in case of injuries and protects business owners from fraudulent claims. While being represented in court by a professional legal team is certainly a good thing, perhaps one of the greatest advantages of carrying worker’s comp insurance is […]

insurance for manufacturers in Orlando

3 Key Coverages For Manufacturers

Are you looking for insurance for manufacturers in Orlando? As a new business owner, the process of finding the right coverage for your business cannot be overstated. Especially in a high-risk industry such as manufacturing, inadequate insurance coverage can prove to be costly. As you do you research on possible […]

auto insurance in CT

Do You Have the Right Insurance for Your Financed Vehicle?

If you are in the market for a new or used car and require financing to purchase the vehicle, you may need a special type of auto insurance in CT to protect your liability if your automobile is totaled in an accident. Many standard policies only cover the fair market […]

employee liability

Establishing Responsibility for Short-Term Staffing

Today’s labor force is always raising concerns about equality and benefits. Companies strive to give their positions a competitive advantage, and so often these incentives include employee benefits. Whether fortunate or not, some companies are forced to rely on temporary staffing agencies for assistance and don’t need to be preoccupied […]

valet insurance

Protective Measures for Valet Businesses

Virtually any business must be sure to have coverage in order to avoid costly mishaps. This applies more so to businesses that handle high-ticket items. A prime example of this is the wide range vehicles that are temporarily put under the care of a valet, ranging from average to extravagant. […]