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Complying With U.S. Waterway Regulations

The United States Coast Guard is responsible for patrolling American waterways and ensuring they are free from threat. However, the types of attacks range from pirates to environmental concerns. As explained by, the Coast Guard requires that vessels over 300 gross tons provide proof of financial responsibility for incidents […]

How to Protect Against Rental Losses

Rent protection and legal expenses insurance or landlord insurance provide protection to property owners when there is a renter on the property. If you have a tenant for a long time, whether this is in a multi-family complex or you rent out a home, you need to consider all of […]

How to Protect Against Missed Rent Payments

As a property owner, you rely on the tenant’s payments. If he or she defaults, you may feel like you are in over your head with costs. How can you make payments and make a profit when someone defaults? This is why having loss of rent insurance is so important. […]

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A Sailor’s Life for Me

There is nothing quite like the open ocean. The tang of salt in the air, the bouncing waves and the majesty of the scene make an unforgettable experience. If you were born to be on the water and the sea is calling you, take steps before purchasing a vessel. It […]

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Living on a Budget

Whenever someone is looking to save money, they usually pinch pennies and establish a budget for every area of spending. While it is true that car insurance should be affordable, simply searching for the cheapest car insurance in CT might not be the best long-term plan. There are some things […]

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Key Insurance Coverages For New Restaurant Owners

Are you looking for a Miami insurance agency to cover your new restaurant? Although the process may seem difficult due to the number of coverage options available, understanding the coverages that make up the building blocks of an insurance policy can help to clear things up for you. Here are […]

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The Best Coverage for You

If you run a small business and have employees under you, be mindful when choosing which liability insurance plan to go with. Your company is your baby, and you want to be sure that you are making the best choice possible for it. Employees and coworkers can become great friends […]

Little Known Things You Need To Know About Workers Compensation

Little Known Things You Need To Know About Workers Compensation

Most business owners know the basics about workers compensation insurance such as injured or ill employees can receive the insurance to cover their medical bills. Covering your business with Ascendant Insurance protects your business and your employee. Here are other things to know about workers compensation. State Laws Differ Depending […]

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Keep Yourself Safe With the Right Insurance

Money is a delicate priority for most people. That is why clients come to you to help manage their finances in the best way possible. They trust that you have the expertise and care to do this correctly every time. However, what do you do if a client feels that […]

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The Insurance Your Business Needs

The Insurance Your Business Needs Do you own and operate a business in Florida? Then you need the right commercial insurance in Orlando, FL to help protect you from the risks associated with your industry. Commercial Insurance Programs There are risks related with businesses across every industry. The right insurance […]