Adaptable Dog Coverage for the Modern Family

dog bites insurance

Dogs are found in millions of homes across the country. Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that dogs are just like another member of the family. However, a dog’s instincts are hard to control even with the most domesticated breeds. Every year, thousands of dog bites are reported many of which end up in emergency rooms. If your dog is one of these statistics, then you may find yourself slapped with a lawsuit. This is why dog bites insurance is now a crucial part of the dog-owning process.

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Say you are out for a walk, and your pet bites a passerby. That person may end up in the hospital and may sue you for damages. Dog bite coverage handles the medical payments and settlements that stem from that litigation.

Many agencies assess your dog’s breed to see if they are susceptible to biting. This is why coverage options can vary into the hundreds of thousands.

As many more instances of dog attacks make it into the nightly news, dog bites insurance has grown in popularity. Today, there a number of agencies that specialize in this kind of policy. Contact one of these companies to get the right financial protection for you and your pets.

Business Coverage With Confidence

Axis Policy

One of the crucial parts of running a business is insurance coverage. The right protection can help save your business during a time of great need while bad insurance can hit your personal wallet hard. In addition, the kinds of policies you employ are also of great importance. It is not enough to have general liability or commercial property protection. In today’s age, having professional and management liability coverage is crucial. Axis Policy specializes in this type of insurance. With Axis, you can construct a shield of protection for years to come.

Dedicated Service

Since 1999, we have worked with businesses to construct the level of protection their industry requires.

Our focus is in on getting businesses unique professional protections and flexible policies that work for the specific needs of a company. Superior service provided by our team makes the insurance process efficient and effective.

Focused Policies

We specialize in protection management and professionals within a company. If you face a lawsuit from a client that claims negligence, conflict of interest, loss of revenue or failure of services, then our E&O coverage can help. If the action’s of management undergo litigation, then our D&O can also assist.

Axis Policy is ready to help a variety of markets build their layer of coverage. Contact us and increase your company’s protection today.

Getting Your Wallet Ready For Boat Coverage

boat insurance cost

So you just bought your first boat? You are ready with life vests and have taken boating classes to prepare you for your future summers on the open water. However, there may be one important part of boating preparation that you may have forgotten. That vital component is boat insurance. If you are completely new to the boating experience you may by wondering about the average boat insurance cost. You should know that every case is unique, and there are several factors that go into determining your premium.

Factors That Help Determine Costs

For starters, many insurance agencies can charge around 1% of your boat’s price. Therefore, if your boat was more expensive you can naturally expect a higher rate. Still, there are few different other factors such as past driving history. If you have had run-ins with the law about driving while inebriated or boat crashes, your premiums may go up.

Another factor to keep in mind is your location. If your boat is stored in an area that is prone to hurricanes or storms you may find yourself with above average rates. Also, what you plan on using your boat for matters as well. If you use your boat for small fishing trips you may pay less than those that travel long distances.

It is imperative to figure out your future boat insurance cost in order to budget your monthly expenses. With this information you are now better prepared to hit the water.

Why Small Law Firms Should Invest in Professional Liability

small law firm lawyer professional liability

As a legal professional, you know the importance of lawsuit and claim protection. The more clients you have, the more at risk you are if you don’t meet client expectations. This can result in malpractice lawsuits. The financial loss due to malpractice claims can break a business. You need to invest in small law firm lawyer professional liability to avoid devastating legal fees.

Errors and Negligence

Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, mistakes can be costly. You are liable for your errors and omissions. When you have the right types of coverage, you don’t have to worry about losing money against these claims. In addition, sometimes angry clients will accuse you of negligence. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you can’t fight the claim without money. Lawyers’ insurance will pay for your legal fees.

Technological Problems

Technology makes the job a lot easier. Unfortunately, it may also come with more risks. If you don’t have adequate protection, you may be at risk for cyber theft. This can expose your practice to financial issues covered by insurance.

When it comes to protecting your legal business, you need to consider small firm lawyers professional liability. Most small law firms do not have the cash on hand to be able to pay off lawsuits or to pay legal fees associated with a claim against them. Insurance helps.

Adding Cyber Insurance to Your Finance Coverage Policy

bankers insurance

The financial sector is a fast-paced industry with trades, exchanges, deposits, investments and federal regulations always keeping a company busy. While the digital age has improved connectivity and created a more streamlined ability to do banking business, it has opened the door new risks and exposures previously unconsidered. Having bankers insurance is one to protect both your company’s and client’s assets in the face of these new threats.

Cyber Insurance Coverage

As a bank or financial institution, your general insurance policy will leave gaps when it comes to dealing with cyber threats. At the very least, it will have little effect in areas that involve:

  • Web-based attacks
  • Stolen devices
  • Phishing
  • Social engineering attacks

Adding cyber coverage to your banking insurance policy can do two important things for your company.

It will give your company a cyber-security check-up. Most companies will require an assessment of the security systems in place to combat cyber threats. An overview of your protections will expose holes and identify areas of improvement.

It will provide financial assistance if an attack occurs. An insurance policy may assist with the costs of paying for regulatory fines, court costs or legal defense, customer credit freezes and even ransom payments.

Your bankers insurance policy should include limits that address the specific exposures your operations face. Look into bundling your current policy with cyber protection for total coverage.

Workers Comp or Accident Insurance: What You Need To Know

occupational accident insurance vs workers compensation

For more than 100 years the American workers compensation system has provided businesses and their workers with a level of security. Every state—except for Texas, where the system is still voluntary—requires employers of a certain size to carry workers compensation insurance.

Should a serious work-related illness, injury or even death occur, this state-regulated insurance system provides for medical expenses and loss of wages for the employee while providing protection against liability claims for the employer. In certain situations, however, a different coverage approach is required, and it is important for some businesses to consider obtaining occupational accident insurance vs workers compensation.

Consider Your Need

Not every employee is eligible for workers compensation. Independent contractors, the so-called 1099 employees, cannot be included in the system. Paradoxically, however, the employer is still ultimately responsible for an injury or illness suffered by the employee during the course of business.
Occupational insurance is designed to provide protection for both employer and employee. Plans are highly customized, and businesses can determine payment limits. Typically, an accident policy includes:

  • Medical claims payment for single incidents
  • Accidental death and/or dismemberment payments determined by a formula that considers a 1099 employee’s annual earnings
  • Disability benefits for a prescribed amount of time

The Bottom Line

When considering occupational accident insurance vs workers compensation, it is important to remember that workers comp offers far greater protection against potential liability claims. Accident insurance, however, is a cost-effective solution for those employees that may slip through the cracks.

How to Open an Assisted Living Facility in Illinois

state requirements for assisted living facilities

Opening your own home business in Illinois can be a dream come true. However, like all dreams, it requires dedication and hard work. The assisted living business is no exception. In order to ensure that the benefits of running your business outweigh the challenges, it is important to safeguard it with the proper coverage and make sure to meet state requirements for assisted living facilities.

Special Considerations Before Opening Shop

When setting up your facility, understanding what the law dictates for your type of business will be very helpful. According to the state of Illinois, these are just some of the guidelines which must be met for assisted living facilities to operate:

  • Cannot accommodate anybody who is considered high-risk
  • 24-hour care provided for residents
  • Minimum age of 55 for 80% of residents
  • License required for any facility housing more than 17 individuals who are unrelated
  • Application submitted to and approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Up-to-date education, credentials and licenses for administrators and staff members
  • Staff onsite who is certified to perform CPR

Finding a Specialist

Because of the numerous regulations and state requirements for assisted living facilities, it can be challenging making to make sure that all the criteria are consistently met. By finding an insurance agency that specializes in these types of businesses in Illinois state, you can determine together any exposures your business might have and how to protect yourself against them.

Unique Exposures for Financial Institutions

financial institutions insurance

Virtually everything circles back to money and its management when you consider the fact that modern society relies on money-based transactions. With the high-ticket assets that must be purchased, including houses and vehicles, paying in cash is usually not feasible or safe. For many who need to save, investing money and letting it gain interest is one of the most popular ways to prepare for retirement, and physically storing cash is impractical. This is why financial institutions are a vital part of the economy not only for the average citizen, but for businesses as well. Because of this great responsibility, mistakes can be costly if financial institutions are found to be at fault. Luckily with safeguards such as financial institutions insurance, those worries can be reduced significantly.

Challenges in the Industry

While all businesses have their own set of challenges, financial institutions often deal with most amounts of money for individuals and corporations. Unfortunately, some mishaps that might occur in this line of work include:

  • Cyber infiltration
  • Crime
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Questionable employment practices
  • Interruption in business
  • Damage to the workplace or property

Having financial institutions insurance is required by law in most scenarios, and for good reason. Not only does it provide protection for financial institutions themselves but having it can also increase client confidence which can translate to improved business and increased profits. Speak to an agent today to find the right coverage for your institution.

Legal Concerns for Manufacturers

manufacturing insurance

As an owner or operating of a manufacturing company, you are no stranger to the unique risks and exposures your employees and clients when associated with your facility or products. The manufacturing industry is home to a number of businesses taking raw materials, parts or other components to deliver a finished product. Through the course of operations, manufacturing insurance can protect a company from legal liabilities often associated with the industry.

The primary legal concerns for a manufacturing business:

  • Manufacturing Laws: The nature of operations and types of materials that can be used are sometimes governed by federal or international regulations.
  • Product Liability: If a product causes harm or creates a situation resulting in property damage or human injury, there is always the potential for a lawsuit. This is true even if the product was used incorrectly.
  • Workers Comp: The company is ethically obligated to offer a working environment that promotes safety first, but accidents can happen. Insurance claims can quickly turn into more serious legal issues.
  • Human Resource Violations: Hiring laws, fair pay, overtime, benefits and discrimination are situations that can involve lawyers and court appearance if not handled correctly.

For some of these situations, a comprehensive policy with a quality manufacturing insurance agency can provide both risk management and financial recourse in the event of a lawsuit.

How To Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

independent insurance agents of CT

Insurance can be a complicated landscape with all the available offerings and companies. You may not even know all the types of insurance you or your company needs to cover your liabilities. As small business owners themselves, independent insurance agents of CT offer a variety of options from different companies. Here are some tips to choose the right one for you or your business.

Referrals and Location

One easy way to find a good insurance agent is by asking around. Friends, family and other business owners can often give you a referral to their own agent. Asking them questions can help in your own research to determine if that agent will be a good fit for you. Location may also be an important consideration. Someone who actively works in the community may be an asset for you.

Credentials and Research

During the research phase, check out their website to learn as much as possible about them and what companies they work with. The agent should be knowledgeable about the products and services they sell as well as your insurance needs.

Insurance covers your exposures whether driving a car or owning a business. Independent insurance agents of CT can be a powerful asset when looking for insurance. The right one for you is one who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.