Limit Your Cyber-Attack Liability

cyber risk

If your company has a website, it’s at risk of being the victim of a cyber-attack. These types of assaults are becoming more common with every passing day, and smart companies regularly review their vulnerability to such attacks. Knowing your business’ cyber risk is a great first step, but that won’t protect your company from the legal liability you face after the attack has happened. Too many companies find out too late that they lacked the proper coverage to fend off the lawsuits resulting from cyber-attacks. Give your business the protection it needs by reviewing your insurance policies today.

The damage from a cyber-attack can be far-reaching and long-lasting, but with the right insurance package, your company can weather the storm. While every company is different, the fall-out from a cyber-attack is similar across industries. Some of the most common expenses facing your company after a cyber-assault include the cost of monitoring your customer’s credit, expenses from the interruption of your business and the cost of notifying your employees and customers about the attack.

Without insurance protection, your company would have to pay these costs out-of-pocket. Guard your business against these costs and any potential legal actions resulting from the cyber-attack by making sure you have the right cyber risk insurance in place today.

Insurance for Medical Staffing Businesses

insurance producer agreement

As a business owner whose specialty is medical staffing, one of your most prudent moves could be sitting down with your insurer to review and sign an insurance producer agreement. In doing so, your company is covered against losses stemming from accidents, injuries, property damage and liability claims.

Because medical staffing firms place LPNs, medical technicians, physical therapists, nurses and other medical professionals into a variety of settings, their exposure is significant. Broad and comprehensive insurance policies from specialty insurers cover all risks associated with the temporary or permanent placement of employees who deliver care to the sick or injured. Without business insurance, the expenses associated with a single lawsuit could be catastrophic. An employee or client injury at a place of service, an incident of negligence or malpractice or an event causing property damage could incur expenses of a magnitude that a business of any size would find difficult or impossible to cover using its own financial resources. Policies are available that not only protect the personal and business assets of owners and directors of medical staffing firms, but also cover expenses that could arise from any type of regulatory audit.

The value of an insurance producer agreement may well be incalculable when it comes to the peace of mind it offers. The security of insurance protection allows businesses to focus on their mission and not its risks.

How To Find Flood Insurance You Can Afford

affordable flood insurance

Many homeowners understand how important it can be to insure their house and property, and yet many face policy limits that are too low or have gaps in their coverage. Flood insurance can be a tricky topic across the board. Some might assume it is part of their policy when it isn’t, yet others might decide to forego it altogether. The truth of the matter is that whether you are in a zone of high flood risk or not, you could still be susceptible to damage. If you live in a coastal area, you might already understand the importance of flood insurance, but be unenthused about the price point. Luckily, there are options for affordable flood insurance.

In order to find the best prices, don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes. Also consider the company’s reputation and experience. Those with experience in flood insurance can help you better assess the coverage amounts you may need as well as offer products like buy down deductibles, which can lower your out of pocket expenses. They can also help you understand the finer points of available policies so you’re not caught off guard after an emergency hits. By understanding your exposure and doing your research, you can better consult professionals for affordable flood insurance.

Protect Your Business With Comprehensive Coverage

business owner policy

A business owner policy, or BOP, is a great way to make sure your business is covered in the event of damage or an accident. It is a comprehensive way to provide your business with all the insurance it needs, no matter the specific industry and niche.

For example, you may design your BOP to contain coverage for specific assets that are part of the fundamental operations of your business. If your business uses special equipment or if money and securities are part of the business, those kinds of items can be a part of your BOP.

Business interruption insurance is generally included in a BOP, as well. This kind of coverage makes it possible to continue to make the type of payments a business regularly incurs, such as payroll or utilities, while business is necessarily halted while repairs are being made to any business property. This type of coverage is part of the larger property insurance coverage, which covers the physical structures of the business and the contents inside them.

Even your liability insurance can be designed to fit your business’s exact needs so that in the case of an accident, you’ll be able to make whatever payments are necessary. A business owner policy is a good choice for your business’s insurance needs.

Insurance Protection for Real Estate Firms

Professional liability insurance programs for real estate firms

Real estate firms face a number of insurance challenges that are unique to the industry. These issues include discrimination charges, environmental hazards, pollution cleanup, leasing situations, privacy issues and more. Professional liability insurance programs for real estate firms must be focused on the needs of this particular industry, making it especially important for these businesses to partner with an insurance broker with industry-specific knowledge and experience.

Coverages for real estate firms can be varied and complex, including such areas as licensing claims, fair housing, property management, business brokerage and lock box. Getting affordable and comprehensive coverage allows a firm to operate with confidence, knowing that it is protected in a variety of situations and areas. A strong policy shouldn’t leave any gaps in coverage or exposure to unnecessary risk. By working with an insurance broker that offers range of programs, a real estate firm can solidify its financial security and look forward to success in this competitive field.

Professional liability insurance programs for real estate firms can be purchased through a variety of insurance companies throughout the United States. Finding the right one involves some research and reading about the insurance products offered as well as the premiums that are charged. The right company should exhibit honesty, integrity, experience and customer service excellence.

What Does Liability Insurance for Bars Need to Cover?

liquor liability insurance for bars

Each industry will face different risks which need specialty insurance coverage to operate. Some of this coverage will be required by law and some will be a sound investment for the future of your clients. Knowing which coverage each client needs can help you better tailor plans to the risks that are faced on a daily basis. When it comes to liquor liability insurance for bars, you will want to know what it needs to cover for the laws in your area as well as what risks your clients face and need covered.

Comprehensive insurance plans for bars need to cover everything from the building to the liquor to the employees. By looking in specialty markets, you can get a good idea of what kinds of coverage are available for your clients and even find the right plans for each one. For instance, you can find plans which cover the slip and fall accidents common in establishments which serve liquids or any kind as well as plans which help cover any fights, and the damages they cause, which might break out.

Liquor liability insurance for bars needs to cover the risks that your clients face. These include things like accidental injuries, alcohol related fights and much more. You can find the best packages by looking into different types of markets

Why Mortgage Brokers Should Carry E&O Coverage

insurance for mortgage brokers

As a mortgage broker, you want to have errors and omissions (E&O) coverage customized to cover your unique risks. Realize that you could be at risk for your past loan transactions as well as any loan transactions you’re currently engaged in. It can be a difficult chore ensuring compliance with corresponding lenders, and your business needs to have much more than just any simple generic E&O policy.

There are many reputable companies that provide errors and omissions insurance for mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers. Depending on your particular concerns, and there are brokers who offer all types of residential and commercial loans, including hard money loans and reverse mortgages, so there’s a policy that will fit you perfectly.

The difference between mortgage brokers and bankers

Mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers perform essentially the same tasks, the only major difference between the two is that mortgage bankers provide the funds for the loans they make while mortgage brokers do not use their own funds. Brokers act solely as the intermediary between the lender and the borrower. Mortgage brokers also have access to multiple lenders, offering their customers several options, while mortgage bankers typically offer only their own loans.

As a mortgage broker, you can be sued for a variety of reasons regarding issues that can occur during any real estate transaction, even when no error or omission was actually made. This is typically the case in situations where a lawsuit involves the plaintiff naming all parties in a real estate transaction, including the real estate broker, the title company, the escrow company, and you, as the mortgage broker.

Whether a lawsuit is justified or not, you could face costly litigation along with the possibility of having to pay significant damages. In any case, it is vital to have the proper insurance for mortgage brokers because the policy provides you with such valuable protection.

Since policy exclusions can vary significantly between insurance companies you should review any E&O policy under consideration fully, including all exclusions and endorsements, to make sure that you are being provided with the appropriate coverage.

Reasons to Buy Insurance Wholesale

wholesale cargo insurance

If you’re in the transportation industry you may be looking at wholesale cargo insurance. There are a few reasons to consider purchasing your insurance wholesale.. Here are some you may want to consider.

In many cases a wholesale market may offer a variety of plans. This can allow you to find a plan with the coverage that best fits your company’s needs. These plans could include a variety of deducible options, as well as non-owner coverage and trailer exchange. In some cases you may own a trucking fleet or employ several drivers. Wholesale insurers may also offer plans specifically designed to cover multiple trucks under a single policy, or offer bulk pricing on smaller policies so you can cover each truck or driver individually. If you have particular needs it’s a good idea to consult a professional about you options and which may work best for you.

Purchasing wholesale cargo insurance can benefit your company in a few ways. The plans available may have greater variety allowing you more choices to find the best fit. You may also have multiple vehicles you need to insure and wholesale insurance may have better pricing on large plans or bulk coverage. Remember, if you have an questions talking to a professional can help.

How E&O Insurance Benefits All

E&O coverage

E&O coverage, also known as errors and omissions, professional liability or malpractice insurance, is used to protect a business in the event that a client sues them for lost wages or costly mistakes due to negligence or incomplete/inadequate work. There are many businesses that could benefit from getting this type of insurance, because it not only protects them but it also makes sure that they can effectively handle problems in a way that allows the clients to walk away happy, as well. Here are some potential benefits.

What is probably most important to you as a business owner is that your business and employees are protected in case someone decides to sue. Whether or not the client is right to sue, and whether or not they win the case, it can be severely detrimental to a business to have to pay for court costs. Paying these costs out of pocket could potentially ruin a business or at least result in having to make some changes such as cutting back on staff, causing a loss of jobs.

Another way that E&O coverage can benefit everyone is in the ways that it benefits your clients. If you don’t have the money to pay them what they are owed when they win a case, that can be bad for them as well. However, with coverage, you can make sure that your clients get paid in the event of a lawsuit.

Three Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite

dog liability insurance

Across the country, dog bite related injuries result in an average of 900 emergency room visits every day. Even the sweetest, most docile dog will bite if provoked enough, which is why it is so important for every dog owner to have dog liability insurance. Knowing what to do after a dog bite is so important. Here are three basic steps to take after a dog bite:

The first thing you need to do is administer some basic first aid. Clean the wound with soap and water and place a sterile bandage over it.

Next, even if you don’t think the injury is severe, seek medical attention to rule out the risk of infection. The doctor may prescribe a tetanus shot and antibiotics to make sure that the bite doesn’t get infected.

Finally, if you are bitten by a dog you don’t know, report the bite to animal control or the police. They may need you to complete a report about the dog and the circumstances under which you were bitten.

Almost 77% of dog bites occur to someone the dog knows and trusts. For this reason and many others, it is essential to have a dog liability insurance plan if you own a dog. A dog may bite for any number of reasons, and the best thing you can do is know what to do in case it does.